3 October 1844

2014 marks the 170th anniversary of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society.  To celebrate this special anniversary the Pioneers 170 blog will guide you through the Pioneers’ first year.

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James Smithies is absent for the third week running, but his fine is retracted this week, implying a legitimate reason for his numerous absences. William Walker is replaced as a trustee by William Mallalieu; no reason is given for this change. It would be interesting to know why; did William Walker leave the society? Did he simply not wish to be a trustee anymore? Or was it thought that William Mallalieu could do the job better? This is made even more mysterious by the fact that William Mallalieu (presumably the same one, although they could be related) was appointed a trustee at the very first, unofficial meeting on August 11th, and there is no record of William Walker being made a trustee!

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