28 November 1844

05b2014 marks the 170th anniversary of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society. To celebrate this special anniversary the Pioneers 170 blog will guide you through the Pioneers’ first year.

Another Board Meeting, and here the words “Toad Lane” are first mentioned. James Tweedale, Miles Ashworth and James Daly are put in charge of the necessary repairs to the building. George Ashworth and James Holt are to buy furniture for the store, and George Ashworth is also to buy three forms for five shillings. The first recorded rent for the shop is three shillings and sixpence for a seven-week lease.

John Collier and David Brooks become new members, and it is agreed that this meeting will be adjourned, to be picked up at the social institution next week at 8 o’clock.






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