21 November 1844

2014 marks the 170th anniversary of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society. To celebrate this special anniversary the Pioneers 170 blog will guide you through the Pioneers’ first year.


This is recorded as a Board Meeting. Charles Howarth and James Smithies are absent. James Smithies fines are annulled; he has had many absences but it seems that there is a valid reason behind all of them that the Pioneers know and make allowances for.

The most interesting point about this meeting is that the Pioneers have found another possible building to rent for their store; a warehouse belonging to a Mr. Dunlop. They offer £12, less than for Cloth Hall (£20), but their terms are the same: the landlord must repair the site before rental.

John Lord, the last of the original Arbitrators, is re-appointed (see last week’s meeting). John Collier and David Brooks are proposed for candidacy. It is decided that William Williams will be the collector for the Castleton area, and that the treasurer (John Holt) will purchase a set of drawers which seem to have been discussed at an earlier time.

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