11 August 1844

01b2014 marks the 170th anniversary of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society.  To celebrate this special anniversary the Pioneers 170 blog will guide you through the Pioneers’ first year.

Welcome to the very first post of the Pioneers 170 blog. This post takes you back to the First General Meeting held on Sunday, August 11th 1844.

The first resolution of the meeting was that Mr John Holt be appointed Treasurer, with Mr James Daly as Secretary and Mr Miles Ashworth as President. Messrs Charles Howarth, George Ashworth and William Mallalieu were appointed Trustees.

Additionally Messrs James Tweedale, James Smithies, James Holt, James Bamford and William Taylor were appointed directors.  The auditors were to be Messrs John Bent and Joseph Smith.

Those appointed to be Arbitrators were James Wilkinson (Shoemaker, High Street), Charles Barnish (Weaver, Spotland), George Healey (Hatter, Sudden brow), John  Garside (Cabinet Maker, High Street) and John Lord (Weaver, Cronkey Shaw).

The signature of Miles Ashworth, the President takes can be seen just before the ‘Arbitrators’ section.


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