1 May 1845

11b2014 marks the 170th anniversary of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society.  To celebrate this special anniversary the Pioneers 170 blog will guide you through the Pioneers’ first year.

The General Meeting for the reading of the laws that was scheduled for April 21 has no recorded minutes. We skip straight to May 1, although there seems to have been some idea of a April 17 meeting, as this date is written at the top of this entry, then crossed out. Perhaps there was a meeting but no minutes were taken, yet this seems unlikely. Possibly there was meant to be a meeting on April 17 but was cancelled; or perhaps there was no meeting and this was simply an error – the meeting after April 10 would have been expected to take place on April 17, a week later.

The business of May 1 is the purchasing a ledger for the store, for the cashiers to record purchases in. There is also some shelving that needs fixing. William Taylor and James Tweedale are appointed to be superintendents of the store, and a tin and a sign, both painted by William Lee, are to become property of the society. It is unclear from these minutes exactly what these items are, and what relevance they have to the Pioneers; it becomes clearer at the next meeting.

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